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January 2013 Archives

Mortgage documents questioned after robo-signing CEO pleads guilty

Proper documentation is the cornerstone of real estate law. A purchase or sale dispute will often arise if improper or invalid documentation is filed, and court actions that bring the validity of documents into question can have far-reaching consequences. Readers in Worcester, Massachusetts, may have heard about how a guilty plea by the founder of DocX could affect foreclosure documents in the state. Anyone looking to address a real estate dispute should strive to understand about the importance of document validity and how the plea may affect the standing of the property in question.

Bethenny Frankel and husband battle over child custody

Child custody and visitation issues can quickly turn a divorce into a contested legal battle. It appears that is the case for reality star Bethenny Frankel and her estranged husband. In her divorce petition, the reality star requested primary custody of the couple's 2-year-old daughter and child support. She has also asked that he pay medical and dental bills, and for exclusive use of the marital residence. In response to the petition, her husband has requested all of the same items - including primary custody of their daughter and child support.

New marijuana businesses target Massachusetts

Companies interested in business formation for the purpose of selling medical marijuana are taking a closer look at Massachusetts. The state legalized the sale of marijuana for medical purposes in November's general election, and companies that already have stores in place to sell marijuana in other states are considering opening businesses in Massachusetts. One method of supplying marijuana is in pot-infused food products like sodas and chocolates; marijuana can even be added to bath salts. Companies are racing to put sales protocols and store locations in place to take advantage of the growing customer base as more states approve the medical and recreational use of the drug.

Massachusetts city proposes eminent domain for foreclosures

The current housing crisis has affected homeowners in several critical ways. In recent times, many families facing foreclosure have had trouble obtaining help from lenders. But there is a potential alternative to the current climate; several cities have already looked into a concept called power of eminent domain, which would potentially enable them to rescue their ailing real estate markets.

Rectrix acquires Massachusetts' own AirFlyte

Massachusetts residents may have heard of the company Rectrix. In a recently announced new business formation, Rectrix Commercial Aviation Services has acquired the Westfield company AirFlyte Inc., which operates an executive terminal that offers full fixed-base operations to aviators and includes full-service maintenance facilities as well as hangars. Rectrix hopes that this acquisition will establish a "'strategic link'" in East Coast operations for the company. Rectrix was attracted to the purchase by AirFlyte's reputation among commercial aviators as a full-service site. Currently, AirFlyte is held in high regard and considered to be a valued asset for Rectrix, as they are reported to have explained that the pairing suits them well. The current president of AirFlyte will remain in his position during the acquisition to ensure continuity in operations and business.

Prenuptial agreements beneficial for Massachusetts couples

Readers of our Massachusetts blog may be interested to know there are numerous benefits to marital agreements, despite the stigma associated with these documents in the past. Many people view these agreements as planning for a divorce, however that is rarely the case. After speaking to a Massachusetts family law attorney, couples may discover that these documents are actually a beneficial tool to keep a marriage harmonious and assets and investments organized.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Nike

The U.S. Supreme Court heard a rare business litigation case brought by a rival to Nike, Inc.. The case concerned a trademark issue with one of the competitor's models of sneakers. The court decided unanimously that Nike's decision to waive its possible rights in an infringement suit meant that the challenger, Already LLC, could not pursue a reciprocal case.The case, Already LLC v. Nike Inc., U.S. Supreme Court, No. 11-982, stemmed from a 2009 disagreement when Nike sued Already for trademark infringement for its use of stitching patterns and other features used on the Sugar and Soulja Boy models of sneakers. Nike claimed that these features were too much like those on its own Air Force 1 brand launched in 1982.

Mortgage companies agree to huge settlement in foreclosure abuse

Lending companies provide people with money to purchase homes based on the belief that they will be able to repay the loans on time. They charge interest on the money borrowed and assign fines for late payments or bounced checks. But companies that offer mortgage financing may also cut corners, which can hurt Worcester, Massachusetts, residents.

High-dollar settlement reached in Buzz Aldrin's third divorce

Property division is one of many issues that must be addressed during the divorce process. It is important to have the help of an experienced Massachusetts divorce attorney during the property settlement process, as it will affect your finances for years to come.

Banks expected to settle over home loan abuses

During the height of the mortgage boom, home loans were generally cheap and easy to secure. Unfortunately, many of these loans had provisions that could lead to a significant rise in the cost of the loan should the economy experience difficulties, as it did during the recession. Though the mortgage industry is rebounding, some banks abused the foreclosure process during the down period, which may have led to the eviction of homeowners. Several of those banks are close to a settlement with banking regulators that will provide funds for many of the affected homeowners.

Massachusetts divorce filings increase after New Year's Day

Following the celebration and enjoyment of the holidays, many Massachusetts residents may be surprised to know that the beginning of a new year inevitably marks a spike in divorce filings. Many couples make the decision to divorce prior to the holiday season. However, they decide to hold off on their divorce filing in order to spend one more holiday season as a family unit. This is often the case if the couple have children.

Viacom and Google in dispute over privacy rights

Two important computer companies, Viacom and Google, are facing lawsuits that allege violation of children's privacy. The lawsuits concern as well as, children's websites with many videos available for viewing. The suits state that Viacom and Google used cookies to track children's video selections and allege violations of the Video Privacy Protection Act as well as federal wiretap laws. The contract dispute cases were brought on behalf of users under the age of 13.The lawsuits are all based on the use of tracking software, known as "cookies," that can potentially identify users. In this case, Viacom is accused of using a specific software furnished by Google called DoubleClick. DoubleClick keeps records of the videos watched and delivers advertisements to users based on those choices.

Real estate transactions on the rise in Massachusetts

The housing market crash in 2008 had a devastating impact on the value of real estate across the United States. Recently, signs have begun to appear that indicate that the housing market is starting to rebound. A recent report from the Massachusetts Association of Realtors details a significant increase in the number of real estate transactions in the area.

Factors considered in a Massachusetts child custody dispute

When going through a divorce, issues such as property division are inevitable. For couples with children, however, the most stressful issues often concern child custody and visitation rights. A child's welfare is of the utmost importance, and as such it is imperative to have reliable legal guidance on child custody issues.

Kinetic Concepts buys MoMelan Technologies

Kinetic Concepts, Inc., a medical technology company, announces its purchase of MoMelan Technologies, a company that uses skin-graft technology for outpatient epidermal graft procedures. Kinetic hopes that this business reorganization will give it the impetus needed to meet objectives regarding surgical outcomes.Cambridge-based MoMelan emerged as a spin-off company from the laboratories created by a professor at Massachusetts General Hospital. MoMelan has been working recently with outpatient skin graft procedures. The company is said to have developed a technique that is quick and painless for performing epidural skin grafts in outpatient settings, allowing patients to go home immediately after a treatment.

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