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October 2012 Archives

Mother granted child custody despite time behind bars

Since a child's welfare is of utmost importance to parents, child custody disputes are often very emotional. Massachusetts child custody and visitation cases are decided based on what is in the best interests of the child. In general, a secure and loving relationship with both parents is presumed to be in a child's best interests. However, many cases involve the suitability of a parent and the safety of a child in that parent's care. Drug abuse, alcoholism and family violence are serious problems that must be addressed before custody or unsupervised visitation will be awarded.

Organizations receive funds to help stop real estate foreclosures

Real estate transactions are often fraught with potential pitfalls, especially in today's volatile environment. The number of foreclosures on both commercial and residential real estate has proven a major problem for homeowners and investors alike. Those facing foreclosure on their property should seek to understand their rights and available options for dealing with banks and lenders.

"Gray" divorce rates increase in Worcester and elsewhere

There has recently been a growing rate of so-called "gray" divorces. According to a recent study, although the overall divorce rate is down, the rate of divorce between couples over 50 has more than doubled in the past 20 years. Issues in "gray" divorces are similar to those in the younger population. Division of marital property and debts and spousal support are often the biggest issues. A Worcester divorce lawyer can help navigate these issues to achieve the most optimal results for an individual's particular situation.

2 Danvers shops to come together, create "store within a store"

Bella Sera announced the purchase of Lorraine Roy Women's Apparel and portions of its inventory. As part of this business reorganization, Bella Sera plans to keep the name and merge the two stores into a new entity, titling a portion of its Danvers, Massachusetts, store Lorraine Roy at Bella Sera. The merger is scheduled to take place January 1.The two businesses have a seven-year history of working together, beginning when Bella Sera was located on Route 114 in Middleton. Because Bella Sera handles primarily bridal wear and Lorraine Roy handles special occasion dresses, the two stores often referred customers to each other. By combining the two businesses, the stores feel that both will be able to take full advantage of their existing customer base.

Massachusetts man facing foreclosure after bank acquisition

While some people may know that a foreclosure notice is coming, others can be blindsided by changes in their real estate loans that happen as a result of changes at their respective financial institutions. The financial crisis in the last few years has resulted in a number of mergers and acquisitions at various financial institutions further complicating the foreclosure process in the U.S.

New casino proposal could change the face of Springfield

In a multi-million dollar business formation proposal, Penn National Gaming has offered to develop an $807 million resort in Springfield, Massachusetts, to include a Hollywood-branded resort and casino on 13.4 acres of land in the north end of the city. The proposed development would include establishing the casino into the downtown area along with a development along the waterfront for mixed use. The proposal was submitted to both the city of Springfield and the Springfield Redevelopment Authority for approval. If these agencies approve the proposal, Penn National will become the winner of a fierce competition with MGM and Mohegan Sun for the western Massachusetts casino license. If the plan is chosen, it would also lead to Springfield's newspaper's offices being relocated and a new printing plant being built.

Massachusetts upholds domestic partner's legal rights as parent

Massachusetts continues to pave the way for the rights of same-sex domestic partners. In a new decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, a California domestic partnership was held to be equivalent to a marriage in Massachusetts. Worcester family law will undoubtedly be affected as the court also held that children born after the domestic partnership was entered into are the legal children of both parents.

Massachusetts homeowners save their home from foreclosure

Foreclosure is typically a very difficult time for homeowners in Massachusetts and elsewhere, as they may lose their home in the proceedings. However, the story of a couple from Brockton shows how real estate owners may be able to obtain a loan modification that will allow them to keep their property.

Customizing prenuptial agreements for Massachusetts couples

As society's view of marriage and divorce has changed over the past several decades, there is no longer the stigma associated with marital agreements that there was in the past. Documents such as premarital agreements are useful, customizable tools that couples can use to avoid future conflict and keep assets separate. This allows couples to focus on more important things - such as a happy and healthy marriage.

Staples closings may signal new plan for competitors

The largest office supply chain in the United States has announced its intention to close 45 European locations and is speeding up plans to close 15 U.S. stores. These closings are part of Staples efforts to save around $250 million per year and may work into business formation plans for other companies. Staples Inc. has posted declines in sales for two quarters as businesses move away from using traditional office supplies and do more work through new technology instead. Slow job creation and recession in Europe has also hit the company hard. Staples plans to use the savings to develop its online presence.

New foreclosure law offers hope to Worcester residents

Traditionally, foreclosure is a nightmare for Massachusetts residents. Because the home is regarded as collateral in a mortgage, banks could seize the home, effectively kicking out the homeowner. However, a new state law goes into effect in the state in November that helps to protect some residents from losing their homes. As long as the homeowner can continue to pay at least some monthly mortgage amount, the banks now have incentive to consider a loan modification rather than proceed directly with a foreclosure action.

Massachusetts Convicted Felon Seeks Child Visitation Rights

Child custody disputes are emotional for both parents and children. As the parties try to reach an agreement over visitation rights, tensions may build as both parents worry about their child's welfare. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the court system is called upon to make a decision.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS agree to merger

Over the past decade, U.S. cellphone providers have been involved in a ferocious competition to gain subscribers in a growing market. While some companies have found huge success through this competition, many others are now struggling to stay afloat. This week, a couple of those struggling underdogs reached a business reorganization deal that they hope will put them back in the race.

Inflated housing appraisals lead to $7.8 million judgment

Anyone in Massachusetts or elsewhere looking to obtain a home loan depends on accurate appraisals to help set the home's value for the real estate transaction. It's the appraiser's duty to make certain that the appraisal on a home is based on realistic pricing conditions, such as the location of the home and the condition of the property. When an appraisal management company in another state inflated the value of homes, it threw off the pricing for thousands of properties, eventually leading to a lawsuit and a $7.8 million settlement.

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