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July 2012 Archives

When Parents Divorce, Grandparents Often Help Out Without Visitation Rights

The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is special, but when divorce occurs that relationship can be strained, especially if bad blood exists between a grandparent and a parent or if the parent with custody moves out of the area. Even though grandparents often provide support to parents and grandchildren alike, they generally are not entitled to visitation rights.

ABC-TV show actors question legality of employment contract

A popular television comedy show that airs on ABC is being sued by its cast of character actors. Beloved by many in the Worcester, Massachusetts, area, the show "Modern Family" just wrapped its third season and was recently nominated for 14 Emmy Awards, more than any other on television.

Massachusetts residential real estate: are young people buying?

Although the residential real estate market has been on a gradual recovery, some reports are asking whether young people are buying. Last month, the Boston Globe reported a decline in the rates of young people owning a home in Massachusetts. The report said there was a 20 percent decline in a five year span from 2005 to 2010, but some local realtors are saying they are not seeing that trend. One realtor said low inventory not a low interest might explain the statewide trend. The mortgage crisis of the past four years has made it tougher for some to qualify for a traditional loan, but FHA loans are on the rise.

National Legal Panel to Review Child Custody Rules for Military Service Members

Military service members from Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States sometimes face child custody issues particular to deployments, trainings and other military obligations that require their presence in locations that are often far away from home. Usually state courts struggle with issues related to jurisdiction, but a national legal panel is creating a uniform code that state legislatures can adopt to standardize child custody issues for deployed parents.

Cost of business in Mass. forces decline in national ranking

According to CNBC's ranking of the country's friendliest states to do business in, Massachusetts fell from sixth place to 22nd place in one year. Just two years ago our state was in the top five for business-friendly states. The judging categories included cost of living, business friendliness, technology and innovation, quality of life, education, economy, workforce, access to capital and the cost of doing business.

Massachusetts real estate: tax liens leading to more foreclosures

According to a new report by the National Consumer Law Center, the number of Massachusetts homeowners facing foreclosure because of tax liens is increasing. Foreclosures are usually the result of defaulting on a mortgage however the NCLC report estimates $15 billion in foreclosures in the country in 2010 were the result of tax liens. Contributing to the issue of the increasing number of tax liens are the weak economy and local governments looking to solve their budget problems by raising property taxes.

Movie Ruse Gets Parent to Confront Unpaid Child Support Issue

A major part of a divorce decree for parents in Massachusetts is the child support order. A parent who fails to pay child support faces being held in contempt and possibly faces time in jail for habitual lack of payment. Recently, a bounty hunter in Pennsylvania crafted a ruse to lure a parent who failed to pay child support and who was living out of state to return to the jurisdiction where the child support order could be enforced. For this father, the promise of a role in a made-up Jennifer Aniston movie was more attractive than providing support to his children.

Massachusetts condo-owners mortgage relief may be available

Massachusetts condominium owners seeking to refinance their mortgage have been in a rather tough spot in the real estate market for the past several years. Although the federal program known as the Home Affordable Refinance Program has been in existence for a few years now, many condominium owners were prevented from refinancing due to the programs restrictions on condominiums. The federal guidelines were difficult to meet however, with HARP 2.0, as some real estate experts are calling it many of the restrictions for condo owners have been removed.

New climate of accountability yields better corporate governance

Throughout Massachusetts businesses, activist shareholders are insisting on having a greater voice, litigation seems to be a constant threat, regulators are stepping up enforcement, and whistleblower incentives are bringing misconduct to light. On the plus side, the pressures are also yielding better corporate governance.

Cruise and Holmes Divorce May Demonstrate Difficulty in Getting Sole Child Custody

Today when a married couple with a child divorces, it is less and less common for one of the parents to obtain sole child custody. Sole child custody is generally not awarded unless the parent that wants sole custody demonstrates that the other parent is unfit and the other parent's custody of the child would not be in the child's best interest. The standard is therefore relatively high.

Worcester named "Hot Spot" in Massachusetts real estate market

As many real estate professionals may already know, Worcester has become a "hot spot" for Massachusetts real estate. According to a study ranking Massachusetts residential real estate transactions, Worcester was rated in the top ten in the state for having a great housing market. It is a unique situation, according to the CEO of Worcester Apartment Rental Agency, that is probably only seen in a few select cities around the country.

Corporate dispute takes turn in Appellate Court

While we don't usually cover workers' compensation topics, this is a case from another state that may set precedent here. Because we defend and fight for Worcester, Massachusetts, employees and employers when it comes to corporate disputes and business litigation, we took notice of this Court of Appeals case that switched the burden of proof regarding a workplace injury from the employer to the employee.

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