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May 2012 Archives

Same-sex marriage and divorce in Massachusetts

Same-sex marriage has been one of the most talked-about topics in family law and among the general public the past few years. It is also very controversial in many regions of the country. Many state legislatures have debated whether to enact same-sex marriage bans, and some of them have either done so or are currently considering doing so. Other states have affirmatively legalized same-same marriage. In some states, the courts are involved to determine whether such bans are constitutional.

Greater Worcester and Central MA growing by leaps and bounds

According to a recent review of United States Census Bureau data, the central Massachusetts area in and around greater Worcester has seen an increase in building and development activity, showing that many of these communities are bouncing back from a listless economy. New residential real estate is springing up all over for affordable housing, multi-family dwellings and single family homes and with it brings much optimism for the housing market in these areas.

Framingham aims to clean up and crack down in neighborhoods

A new Unified Code Enforcement Task Force consisting of fire, police, public works, building and health agents are pulling together to create a team approach for cleaning up the Framingham community. The group will focus on conducting field inspections and enforcing bylaws. The goal is to improve the quality of life and decrease fear and disorder in its neighborhoods. The assistant district attorney's office and Framingham District Court are also on board. Their first order of business? A walking tour of downtown.

Massachusetts residential real estate sales up in April

Massachusetts single-family real estate sales saw an 18 percent increase from the same month last year, which means there has been nine straight months of steady increases. And there is still more good news, according to the MLS Property Information Network, the median price of a home also increased for the first time in the last 11 months. These increases could be telling us the residential real estate market has bottomed out and we can expect the Massachusetts housing market to stabilize in the coming months.

More women ordered to pay alimony than ever before

Times certainly have changed. In the not-too-distant past, alimony, also referred to as spousal support, was almost exclusively considered to be made by ex-husbands to their former wives. Divorce lawyers say that they are now observing more and more women being ordered to pay alimony to their former husband, rather than the other way around, according to HuffPost.

Boston listed as one of top cities to start a business

The Tax Foundation, a tax research group based in the nation's capital released a new study called, "Location Matters: A Comparative Analysis of State Tax Costs on Businesses." Looking at several corporate tax categories and other regulations they determined the best and worst countries and states in which to start different companies. Boston, Massachusetts, was one of the top-ranked U.S. destinations for business formation.

Massachusetts' two-part solution for state's foreclosure crisis

Enough is enough, according to Martha Coakley, Massachusetts' Attorney General, who submitted a two-part plan for solving the state's foreclosure crisis. With some help from the Massachusetts Legislature along with the mortgage settlement reached with the five largest mortgage lenders, the state is poised to close the door on this five-year long foreclosure crisis and move forward with growing the state's economy again.

Property dispute: Land valued $883,000 cost taxpayers millions

Although this case did not originate in Massachusetts, Massachusetts residents will end up paying for a portion of it. Last month, a federal judge ruled the United States Department of Justice must pay more than $2.24 million in legal fees and litigation costs for a real estate dispute that lasted almost ten years and involved converting private land into public use.

Protect each software generation under trademark, copyrights

When taking proper steps to protect your trademarks or intellectual property, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with rapidly changing technology. It's also sometimes difficult for Massachusetts copyright owners to determine how far the law can be stretched to safeguard their patented products.

"HomeCorps" aims to help prevent foreclosures in Massachusetts

Last week, Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley announced one of the first programs in the nation aimed at helping struggling homeowners using proceeds from the landmark settlement with five of the nation's largest lenders. The program, called HomeCorps, hopes to prevent foreclosures by offering counseling services and grants totaling $16 million to Massachusetts homeowners. Another $10 million in grants will be used to aid individuals and neighborhoods that have been harmed by the foreclosure crisis.

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