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Distribution, data centers booming in commercial real estate

As investors draw closer to wrapping up 2018, they may naturally be planning for their future moves. Specifically, investors in Massachusetts may wonder what areas of commercial real estate will likely be the most lucrative in 2019. Here is a glimpse at what experts are saying about the industry's current and future areas of potential.

First, digital retailers continue to thrive, which means they are demanding more distribution centers and warehouses. This caused the real estate industry's industrial sector to flourish in 2018, with more than 66 million square feet in new supply entering the market in the third quarter -- a 10.5 percent increase from the year before. Even with the large supply, vacancy rates were historically low at 4.9%. In addition, asking rents increased nearly 6 percent.

Broadcaster seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A broadcaster based in another state recently decided that its dire financial situation required drastic measures. It therefore decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Companies in Massachusetts can likewise take advantage of this debt relief remedy if they are in financial holes they cannot seem to climb out of on their own.

The broadcaster that filed for bankruptcy, Liberman Broadcasting, is a Spanish language television and radio company. Company officials said that the goal is to decrease the company's debt by over $350 million. At this point, it has received a loan totaling $38 million, which will enable it to fund business operations as the financial reorganization takes shape during the course of the bankruptcy proceedings. 

Major financial conflict can quickly lead to divorce

It's relatively common for married couples to combine their money. This generally makes it easier for them to make purchases and achieve their financial goals together. However, sometimes financial issues can drive a wedge between two spouses, ultimately leading to the demise of their marriage. In this situation, property distribution is often a major area of contention. Here is a glimpse at why some couples in Massachusetts experience financial conflict that end ups leading to divorce.

In many cases, people who are about to get married are not transparent about their financial situations and goals. For instance, they do not talk about matters such as credit scores and debt. Then, once they get married, they still fail to discuss these issues until it is too late. For example, they may learn later on that one of the spouses cannot be listed on a mortgage with the other party because his or her credit score is too low.

Tax reform benefiting commercial real estate industry

As the property industry continues to thrive in Massachusetts and elsewhere, some current or prospective investors may be wondering what exactly is driving the industry's growth. The reality is that tax reform might be contributing to the recent increase in commercial real estate transaction volumes. Here is a glimpse at how the current tax situation is positively impacting the real estate world in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

According to experts, the current tax reform is expected to positively impact economic growth overall. However, it should be especially helpful for the commercial real estate industry. For those who own commercial property, tax reform is expected to increase revenue growth through more robust economic growth. It is also expected to draw additional capital into commercial real estate, with a lower tax rate translating into a higher risk-adjusted return. For instance, there is a brand-new 20 percent deduction for a pass-through entity that should make a building a wiser investment for those looking for cash flow.

Being financially proactive is critical before divorce

The process of getting divorced is no doubt challenging both emotionally. However, it can be just as difficult to cope with financially. Fortunately, individuals who are preparing to get divorced can take a few proactive steps to protect themselves financially both during and following the divorce process in Massachusetts.

First, it is critical for those who are headed for divorce to familiarize themselves with all of their financial assets. This is especially important for women, as many women leave their financial matters to the husband and thus are in the dark about it during divorce. They can simply pay attention to their bank statements, view previous tax returns and document account numbers to take stock of and track where they are financially.

David's Bridal pursues Chapter 11 bankruptcy

David's Bridal, the biggest wedding retailer in the nation -- with locations in Massachusetts -- recently determined that it needed to address its subpar financial situation. It therefore decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, the company does plan to remain in business.

David's Bridal currently has debt totaling several hundred million dollars stemming from a buyout many years ago. In addition, it is facing stiff digital competition. These are both factors in the company's decision to seek bankruptcy protection.

Business litigation involves alleged copyright infringement

A company responsible for collecting artists' and songwriters' royalties recently decided to sue 12 establishments in various states, including one in Massachusetts, for copyright infringement. According to the company that initiated the business litigation, the establishments were playing the artists' music without paying the artists. Any business owner in Massachusetts who feels that he or she is a victim of copyright infringement can likewise seek justice through the civil court system.

In the recent copyright infringement case, the plaintiff claimed that businesses that use copyrighted music can seek permission to do this legally via a license. The license covers a repertory of more than 11 million musical pieces. The cost for restaurants and bars is under a couple of dollars per day on average.

Commercial real estate purchase opportunities appear promising

Research shows that the industry for commercial properties throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts, is skyrocketing. This means that the industry is keeping up with the currently growing economy. As a result, more investors may be interested in going through theĀ real estate purchase process in the near future.

A recent study indicated that both sales volume and gross income in the commercial real estate world have been rising lately. The study represented people who conduct business in several areas of real estate, including land development, industrial and office space, and sales. Other areas that were represented include brokerage, leasing, retail buildings, multifamily buildings and property management.

Divorce coaches and attorneys can both help during breakups

Navigating a marital breakup is far from a simple process. In Massachusetts and elsewhere, divorce can be both emotionally and financially challenging to handle. This is why many divorcing individuals are seeking the help of both attorneys and divorce coaches during this type of family law proceeding.

Attorneys and divorce coaches are not the same types of professionals. Attorneys focus on providing legal guidance and advice about their clients' rights. However, divorce coaches focus on providing clients with the support they need to make their marital breakups go smoothly.

Commercial real estate may draw more investors

During the month of October, the stock market was extremely volatile. As a result, many investors in Massachusetts may feel nervous about continuing to invest in bonds and stocks. Many of these investors may end up turning to commercial real estate instead in the months to come.

As a general rule of thumb, when people decide to invest, they take into consideration many investment opportunities. These opportunities range from bonds and stocks to public REITs and private equity. However, if the bond and stock market are volatile, this can cause investors to seek other places -- more stable places -- to invest their funds.

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