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Charlotte Russe pursues Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A fashion retailer with multiple locations in Massachusetts recently decided that it needed to tackle its financial problems in an aggressive fashion. It has therefore filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As part of the bankruptcy process, the retailer -- Charlotte Russe -- is planning to close around 94 locations and pursue a sale.

The mall chain has apparently been edging closer and closer to bankruptcy for a while now. In fact, it reported that it was negotiating specific debts over a year ago. The problem that the chain has been facing is declining sales over the past few years. The company, which sells clothing to young women and also controls Peek shops, is in 49 states.

Commercial real estate experiencing high sales, prices

Nonresidential property sales reached closed to record levels last year, with private fund managers completing some of the largest deals. Experts say that 2019 should also see strong sales, especially with the interest rates remaining low. This is excellent news for Massachusetts investors who are interested in purchasing commercial real estate in the Bay State this year.

The overall value of nonresidential properties sold for $2.5 million and above across the United States in 2018 exceeded $562 billion. This figure is 15 percent higher than that for 2017. In addition, it was just a few billion dollars under the record of $569 billion that was reached in 2015.

Divorce process does not have to be a painful one

People who are going through a divorce in Massachusetts may understandably feel as though they are walking through a minefield. Sadly, the emotional explosions that often take place during the divorce process can leave scars that linger long term. Some tips, though, may help divorcing individuals to keep the marital breakup process as peaceful and painless as possible when tackling issues like property division.

First, taking a look at one's marital history may be helpful prior to starting a divorce proceeding. Why? Because a couple's marital history offers clues about the issues that might crop up during divorce. For instance, if two people often had demeaning fights during their marriage, the same thing will likely happen during divorce. Likewise, if the two parties fought mostly about money, as opposed to the children, property division may become a particularly major issue during their divorce.

Community hospital seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A hospital in another state recently decided that it needed to be aggressive in addressing its subpar financial situation. The community hospital decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In the same way, Massachusetts companies that are struggling financially have the right to seek protection under the Bankruptcy Code.

The health care facility is a critical access hospital with 25 beds. According to hospital officials, the number of patient admissions has dropped during the past few years amid the economic downturn that has struck the surrounding region. Admissions have dropped 65 percent during the past four years, and there has been a 10 percent drop in patient volume overall.

Commercial real estate industry offers many pros to investors

According to traditional wisdom, investing in nonresidential properties in Massachusetts and elsewhere is a smart move. However, is this still true in 2019, particularly in the commercial real estate industry? According to industry experts, investing in commercial real estate indeed still has quite a few pros worth paying attention to.

For one, according to experts, nonresidential real estate always offers some return. This makes it different from shared ownership, as a poor management decision or market conditions that are unfavorable could quickly wipe out share values. As long as people invest wisely, they can expect to enjoy steady rental income streams in addition to owning the properties themselves.

Financial mistakes made during divorce can have long-term impact

Financial issues can be just as problematic during the divorce process as they can be during the marriage itself. Unfortunately, if those going through divorce in Massachusetts make poor decisions when dealing with complex financial issues, it can cost them in the long run. Here are some mistakes that those navigating the process would be wise to avoid making.

First, some people neglect gathering important paperwork at the start of their divorce proceeding. Important documents to collect include statements detailing their future ex-spouses' income records and what their Social Security benefits may be at retirement age. In addition, if people have remodeled their homes, they should dig up receipts for this work. In addition, it is critical to take note of the account numbers plus balances of shared financial accounts.

Beef processing company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A beef company based in another state recently determined that its financial problems needed to be tackled in an aggressive manner. For this reason, the company decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. According to company officials, the move will help with facilitating the company's ongoing process of selling its assets, and ensure that both its employees and its creditors will be treated fairly. Likewise, Massachusetts companies that are struggling to make ends meet can seek help through bankruptcy filings.

The company processes about 270,000 cattle from around 30 feedyards each year. The beef-processing business also employ over 700 workers. The company distributes its products domestically but also exports products to other countries.

Parents' mistakes may worsen child custody situation in divorce

The divorce process usually is not a pleasant experience for the two parties involved. However, children can also find the ordeal to be irksome, particularly when the parents cannot agree on how to address child custody. Here is a glimpse at a couple of harmful mistakes that parents in Massachusetts often make when faced with decisions related to child custody during divorce.

First, it is not uncommon for a parent to refer to a shared child as his or her child rather than acknowledging that the child also belongs to the other parent. Divorce sometimes happens because two parents no longer love one another, and they may not agree 100 percent on how to rear the child. Still, the reality is that both biological parents generally have the right to seek custody or visitation, so this must be taken into consideration during the divorce proceeding.

Commercial real estate may experience AI revolution

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, continues to impact a multitude of sectors in Massachusetts. Therefore, the commercial real estate may soon experience an AI revolution. According to industry experts, AI could very well help the industry to be more service oriented, profitable and efficient.

Right now, though, AI does not have much of a presence in the commercial real estate sector. Experts say that this is because the real estate industry has a tendency to be slow in adopting technology compared with other industries. However, the faster it adopts AI, the more quickly it may enhance the real estate investor's experience with completing deals down the road.

Breach of contract suit filed against rap artist

A music company in another state recently claimed that a rap artist breached its contract with the company by canceling a performance he was supposed to give at a festival organized by the company. The company has also accused the artist of fraud, claiming that the rap artist stole more than $200,000 from it. It has therefore filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the artist's business. Likewise, business owners who believe that they are victims of breach of contract in Massachusetts have the right to take legal action.

In the recent out-of-state case, Empire Music Ventures asserted that rapper Travis Scott and his business, The Odd Group, had agreed for the rapper to headline a music festival this year. Empire was going to pay him $400,000 for a performance lasting 75 minutes. At the time of the alleged agreement, Empire paid him a deposit totaling more than $200,000.

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