Resolving Land Use And Zoning Issues

Land use and zoning regulations in Massachusetts vary greatly from municipality to municipality. The advice of an attorney familiar with the specific codes and practices throughout central Massachusetts and the MetroWest Boston area can be invaluable. The attorneys of Seder & Chandler possess the knowledge, experience and skill you need to handle even the most difficult zoning or land use issues affecting your business. For skilled counsel about permitted uses, land use violations, zoning variances, building permits or code enforcement proceedings, contact an experienced land use attorney at Seder & Chandler today.

Our lawyers advise clients throughout Massachusetts on matters such as:

  • Building permits and property development
  • Reconciliation of project planning with local land use and zoning codes
  • Property rehabilitation, redevelopment and remodeling projects subject to historic preservation rules
  • Redevelopment of brownfield and other properties compromised by environmental problems
  • Rent control and residential property management issues as they vary from one town to another
  • Administrative appeals of adverse decisions on land use and zoning issues, including denial of building permits
  • Response to regulatory or administrative code notices and inquiries
  • Defense of code violation enforcement actions

We help clients navigate the requirements of zoning and permit matters. While zoning allows you to work or build in a particular space, you must obtain a permit to carry on certain activities in that space. This includes food preparation and the selling or distribution of alcohol. Our attorneys will evaluate your situation and your goals for the space to help you obtain all necessary permits and requirements.

Though we are proud of our firm's 90-year history, we are dedicated to remaining on the forefront of ever-evolving land use regulations, specifically those affected by increasingly strict environmental laws. Our experience with the variety of regulations and restrictions at the local level can help you find the right approach for approval for your development or rehabilitation plans.

The attorneys of Seder & Chandler can handle all aspects of your development projects from the initial permit application to enforcement hearings and construction contract issues. We are here to help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today for more information.