Environmental Restrictions On Land Developments

At Seder & Chandler, we use our experience and familiarity with state and federal environmental laws to anticipate, avoid and resolve complications that would affect real estate transactions, construction projects and business sales or mergers. To learn how our ability to address the environmental impact of your project, contact us today. With offices in Worcester and Westborough, we serve clients throughout central Massachusetts and the MetroWest Boston area.

Environmental Counsel For Local And Out-Of-State Clients

We regularly advise clients about the various environmental issues that could affect real estate transactions and business acquisitions. Common issues include:

  • Nonconforming land uses
  • Soil or groundwater pollution from a previous use
  • Environmental regulations related to a key permit or license
  • Significant recent changes in federal, state or local environmental regulation

Our attention to the environmental risks inherent in the development, purchase or sale of real property, industrial operations or residential developments (particularly those built at a former hazardous waste generation or storage site) can help you manage the risk of liability.

At Seder & Chandler, our attorneys understand the environmental implications of business and real estate deal and use these issues as a way to negotiate a price adjustment, as a condition of closing, or as a matter of future indemnification.

In addition to offering advice and front-end support on the environmental aspects of business and real estate transactions, Seder & Chandler's trial lawyers also litigate environmental issues in Massachusetts state and federal courts. We also represent clients before administrative agencies throughout Massachusetts.

Find out more about our firm's environmental law practice — contact Seder & Chandler today.