Guardianships- Minors & Adults

People sometimes lose the capacity to manage their personal or financial affairs, or to make health care decisions. Sometimes the necessary legal plans to protect them have not been implemented. At such times, family members or friends may need to obtain a guardianship and conservatorship.

Guardianship of a person often relegates the following responsibilities to a trusted guardian:

  • determining and maintaining a person's residence;
  • providing informed consent to and supervising their medical treatment;
  • consenting to and supervising non-medical services such as education, psychiatric or behavioral counseling;
  • making end-of-life decisions;
  • maintaining the protected person's autonomy as much as possible

Conservatorships relegate financial decision-making, asset management and related responsibilities, such as:

  • monitoring a person's assets and income;
  • making investment decisions;
  • paying for a new residence or ongoing care;
  • overseeing spending and providing a limited allowance;
  • protecting the individual from making bad financial decisions due to incapacity

Our attorneys are experienced with a variety of guardianships and conservatorships. We will guide you through the process, assess the needs of your loved one, gather the appropriate medical documentation, and obtain the necessary orders.

We can also assist with the creation of healthcare proxies and durable powers of attorney to plan for the future.