Mediation Makes Creative Family Law Solutions Possible

Mediation is a professionally guided process that couples can use to resolve problems involving alimony and child support, child custody and visitation, property and debt division, health insurance, college expenses payment and a host of other issues during a divorce, or during a post-divorce modification. Mediation offers many benefits when compared to typical family law litigation. These may include lower legal costs, less emotional stress, quicker and more acceptable solutions that address the clients' practical and financial needs.

At Seder & Chandler, LLP, we recognize the important role that the mediation process can play in achieving real solutions to difficult family problems. We also employ conciliation, another alternative dispute resolution method to educate clients and help them reach solutions in the areas of divorce, custody, visitation and property division.

Jeffrey P. Greenberg: An Experienced Family Law Mediator

Attorney Jeffrey P. Greenberg is a certified mediator with years of experience helping people resolve challenging family problems. In a confidential consultation, Mr. Greenberg can review your situation, explain the mediation process, and discuss how it could be used to resolve your family's problems.

The Benefits Of Family Law Mediation

The mediator may meet with the clients together or individually to hear each person's thoughts and concerns. One or more mediation sessions are then scheduled. The mediator tries to guide the clients to an acceptable result that is both fair and practical. There is often no one-size-fits-all solution for the very sensitive issues that arise in a divorce, post-divorce modification, child custody, spousal support or other family law case.

The mediator can focus on your personal concerns to develop a solution that is unique to you, your spouse or ex-spouse, and your children. You can negotiate and resolve your issues at your own pace. This will allow you to move on with your life more comfortably than the court process might allow. Your savings of time and expense, and reduction of stress and anxiety will not only benefit you, but also your children.

In contrast to family law litigation, in which a judge imposes a solution, the clients determine their own results in mediation. Mediation also preserves confidentiality, whereas litigation in court can reveal sensitive personal information to outside people.

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Jeffrey P. Greenberg has the experience, knowledge and facilitation skills to help you achieve the solution that is right for you and your children.

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