Protecting Your Business Through Arbitration

Too often, organizations seek to include boilerplate language in their arbitration clauses believing they will be protected in any event. Unfortunately, a successful arbitration can hinge on numerous factors that might not be readily apparent until well into the process. At Seder & Chandler, LLP, our attorneys have the extensive business law and litigation experience necessary to properly position our clients for future success.

Business disputes can range from the straightforward to the complex. Whether facing a vendor contract dispute or employee severance matter, businesses often choose to resolve matters through arbitration rather than a protracted legal battle. A well-written arbitration clause can offer flexibility but also legal protection. Whether you head a startup or a multinational organization, look to our firm to provide the litigation and ADR guidance you need.

Drafting An Arbitration Clause So It Properly Protects Your Business

Business owners often cling to myths or believe anecdotal evidence regarding alternative methods of dispute resolution. While arbitration offers flexibility and can be less costly and time-intensive than traditional litigation, significant effort and forethought must be used to account for changing circumstances. While drafting an arbitration clause, our firm will prepare the document by asking countless questions, including:

  • Where will the arbitration take place?
  • Where will an international arbitration be handled?
  • Who will act as the arbitrator?
  • Will the arbitration be handled by one person or a panel?

If contingencies such as these are not addressed in a comprehensive arbitration clause, the process can be bogged down with constant modifications and costly delays. By working with an experienced ADR lawyer, you can avoid unnecessary delays and any negative impact to your organization.

Seder & Chandler, LLP's dispute resolution practice involves representing clients in questions involving real estate, commercial loans, complicated family issues and business debts. We also advise and represent national corporations as local counsel in trials venued in Massachusetts. For more information about the litigation and ADR practice of Seder & Chandler, LLP, contact us today.