Civil Litigation

Experienced and Versatile Trial Attorneys

An essential aspect of the representation offered by the attorneys at Seder & Chandler is our experience in the courtroom. Though negotiated and collaborative resolutions are usually favored, some cases must proceed to trial. Our trial experience allows us to achieve the best possible results for our clients by making persuasive factual arguments. That same litigation experience gives us insight into contract terms that could help avoid future disputes, thus giving us an invaluable benefit when reviewing or negotiating future agreements.

It is vitally important that your attorney have the knowledge to approach disputes from both sides and look for resolutions that can be achieved in or out of the courtroom. Seder & Chandler offers versatile attorneys who have the skills and knowledge you need when involved in litigation. Contact us today to learn more about our trial practice. Our lawyers handle civil litigation in state and federal courts throughout Massachusetts. In addition, we represent clients in administrative hearings an, regulatory proceedings, as well in specialized tribunals like tax and bankruptcy courts.

We are flexible enough to handle a wide range of litigation-related matters including:

Seder & Chandler can also advise you about the practical and strategic aspects of such alternative dispute resolution techniques as mediation or arbitration. If you need advice about challenging or defending a trial court result in a state or federal appeal, you stand to benefit from our substantial appellate experience.

Out-of-state businesses turn to Seder & Chandler for assistance with litigation based in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In our roles as local counsel, lead counsel or advisory counsel, we will diligently prepare and persuasively present your case.

You can learn more about our civil litigation services by contacting us today. From offices in Worcester and Westborough, we serve clients throughout central Massachusetts and the entire MetroWest Boston area.