Alternative Dispute Resolution Through Arbitration

Many real estate, construction, securities and employment contracts contain clauses designating arbitration as the primary method for resolving disputes. This process, somewhat similar to litigation, involves presenting your case to an arbitrator (or panel of arbitrators) who render a decision based on the arguments of the parties and the evidence they present. Evidentiary rules in arbitration differ from those of traditional litigation, so it is important to work with lawyers experienced in the process.

The adaptable attorneys of Seder & Chandler have in-depth knowledge of the arbitration process and provide our clients with sound advice about the best ways to make arbitration work for them. Our trial lawyers have the flexibility to adapt their litigation skills to the demands of arbitration in business disputes, construction claims, written employment agreements and real estate contracts of all kinds.

Our arbitration team is led by attorneys J. Robert Seder and Robert Adler, and their extensive corporate, employment and commercial law experience, both available to serve as arbitrators for complex corporate and commercial disputes.

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The primary advantages of arbitration are speed and finality. Rather than working within the confines of an overloaded trial court's docket, you can set the pace of the proceedings.

One slight disadvantage of arbitration is that it is binding, and there is often no opportunity to appeal. While the lack of an appellate process is more efficient, it does come with the risk of not making an effective argument in their initial appearance before the arbitrator(s).

Our arbitration practice approaches these proceedings with confidence and skill.

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