Professional Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Marital agreements are documents that can organize and clarify the assets that each party brings to a marriage. Historically, a prenuptial agreement has been mired in controversy as a document that, essentially, plans for a divorce. Recently, however, couples have begun to see the benefit of using both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements to keep assets, investments and businesses separate and organized.

At Seder & Chandler, LLP, our family law attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through even the most complex prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. If you are considering getting married, it is wise to discuss the option of completing a prenuptial agreement. If you are married, do not want to pursue a divorce, but need a structured enforceable plan for your assets to bring harmony back to your marriage, it is wise to discuss a postnuptial agreement. Our lawyers can help you examine your finances and draft an accurate document.

Our skilled family law attorneys are experienced in working with clients to draft detailed and effective prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Typically, these agreements cover several areas, including:

  • Appreciation of assets
  • Existing property
  • Cash assets or antiques
  • Pensions or retirement plans

Additionally, clauses can be added into the agreement to cover issues that might arise through the duration of the marriage. For example, fidelity clauses, waivers of alimony or clauses detailing business assets can be written into a prenuptial agreement. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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