Reliable Legal Guidance On Child Custody Issues

Your child's welfare is of paramount importance whether you are considering filing a divorce, you are in the midst of a divorce, or you may need to pursue a modification of a divorce judgment. Our clients depend on us for sound advice and committed advocacy concerning their children's welfare. Before, during and after a divorce, this is any parent's single most important issue. We understand this concern from a legal and personal perspective.

Whether you need advice as the primary custodial parent, a parent with visitation rights, or a parent with serious misgivings about the other parent's behavior, we can help you. Contact our offices in Worcester or Westborough for the advice of a seasoned family law attorney.

Custody Issues Are Resolved According To The Best Interests Of The Children

The court will decide any dispute over child custody or visitation with the best interests of the children foremost in mind. The parents' preferences, convenience, parenting philosophies, or personal differences are secondary to this fundamental concern. The court will examine a variety of tangible and intangible factors to determine the children's best interests. Your understanding of this is essential to your successful journey through these uniquely difficult and often-emotional legal proceedings.

As a general matter, a stable and secure relationship with both parents will be presumed to be in a child's best interests. Our lawyers can help you find ways to protect your own interests as a parent while respecting the legitimate interests of the other parent.

In some cases, however, a child custody dispute might raise significant issues as to the fitness of either parent to care for the child on a regular and unsupervised basis. A history of substance abuse, untreated or uncontrollable mental illness, family violence or other serious problems may be considered before custody or unsupervised visitation can safely be stipulated or awarded.

Our law firm works closely with parents to overcome whatever obstacles a divorce might present. We work with experts, when necessary, in cases where an informed opinion on a parent's fitness or a child's needs might help with negotiations or a court hearing.

We also advise clients on custody or visitation issues related to domestic partnerships, paternity actions, or relationships between unmarried parents. We can also work with grandparents or other relatives who need advice about the security of their relationships with grandchildren, nephews or nieces.

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Additionally, our lawyers handle custody and visitation matters involving parental relocation proposals, the enforcement in Massachusetts of custody or visitation orders from other states, and the modification of such orders to accommodate changed circumstances and needs.

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