Trust And Estate Administration

Executors, administrators, personal representatives and successor trustees rarely have any practical experience with, or understanding of, the fiduciary duties they will be assuming for the administration of a decedent's estate and trusts.

Whether you will need to execute the terms of a will in probate, administer an estate in the absence of a will, or fulfill the role of a successor trustee under a revocable living trust, it is vitally important to have the guidance of experienced counsel who can help you avoid mistakes, delays and unintended consequences of various possible courses of action.

Led by Paul J. O'Riordan and Pamela S. Stevens, the trusts and estates attorneys at Seder & Chandler, LLP, are known throughout the Commonwealth for their skill and attention to detail in trust and estate administration. Contact us to learn how our experience can make your work easier.

Trust Administration Has Long Been A Strength Of Our Firm's Practice

First established in 1918, our law firm has focused on estate and trust administration from its beginning. We are proud of our history of service, as well as our ability to keep up with the latest trends in estate and trust administration. Our in-depth knowledge of relevant law allows us to serve in a number of different capacities, including serving as trustees designated under the original terms of a trust, successor trustees after the death of a living trust's settler, and counsel to trustees under family business trusts.

We are thoroughly familiar with the trustee's responsibilities for managing trust assets prudently, fairly and transparently. Our careful attention to the duties of a trustee will keep beneficiaries fully informed at all times while protecting trust assets, with the added benefit of avoiding misunderstandings and disputes.

Executors And Personal Representatives Also Benefit From Our Experience

The lawyers at Seder & Chandler, LLP, regularly advise executors of wills and administrators of intestate decedents' estates through all stages of probate, accounting, reporting, tax returns and asset distribution.

We represent local clients in the probate courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, including Worcester County, Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Suffolk County, Hampshire County, Hampden County, Essex County, Barnstable County, Bristol County and Franklin County. In addition, we can also advise clients from out of state who must fulfill estate administration responsibilities here in Massachusetts.

Our experience with trust and estate administration helps ensure a smooth experience for our clients and the beneficiaries who depend on them. We can help minimize the risk of delays, unnecessary expenses, fiduciary liability and litigation.

Contact us today for more information about our approach to client service. From offices in Worcester and Westborough, we represent clients throughout Massachusetts including those in Central Massachusetts and the entire MetroWest Boston area.