Protecting The Power Of The Trademark

The law firm of Seder & Chandler, LLP, conducts an active intellectual property practice, including trademark registration, maintenance, licensing and litigation.

Our attorneys, including partner attorney James A. Vevone II, work closely with clients throughout the product life cycle to understand their business goals and other key aspects of their operations. We respond with insightful counsel, cost-effective services and, when necessary, vigorous representation.

Our firm provides advice, services and representation in all aspects of trademark law, including:

  • Trademark registration
    • Counseling regarding trademark issues
    • Facilitation of trademark search (U.S. and international)
    • Preparation of trademark applications
    • Trademark office actions
    • Trademark opposition proceedings
    • Trademark monitoring
    • Trademark renewals
  • Trademark licensing
    • Drafting and review of proposed trademark license agreements
    • Renegotiation of trademark licenses
    • Resolution of trademark license disputes
    • Termination of trademark license agreements
    • Other trademark licensing issues
  • Trademark litigation
    • Trademark infringement litigation under the Lanham Act, Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984 and other applicable laws
    • Cease and desist orders
    • Trademark dilution
    • Comparative advertising claims
    • Cybersquatting
    • Other types of trademark disputes

In addition to trademarks, we also provide advice, services and representation in matters involving copyrights and trade secrets.

While our lawyers are focused on details, they never lose sight of the strategic implications of our clients' business undertakings. This means going beyond the results of a trademark search or the language of a proposed licensing agreement in order to anticipate potential pitfalls and make provisions to protect our clients' long-term interests.

For all your needs regarding trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, turn to Seder & Chandler, LLP.

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To schedule a consultation with our Worcester trademark attorneys, contact our firm. You can also reach out directly to James A. Vevone II by phone or email. We serve clients throughout Massachusetts from our offices in Worcester and Westborough.