Making The Most Of The Transaction

The more complex your business purchase or sale, the more you stand to benefit from the breadth of experience offered by the attorneys of Seder & Chandler. From the letter of understanding to financial negotiations all the way through the closing of the transactions, we are here to provide insightful advice about every aspect of a merger, sale or acquisition that will affect your business.

Trusted Guidance for Sellers

Sellers depend on us for advice about the tax consequences of a business sale, the soundness of the buyer's financing, and the effect of disclosure and indemnification provisions to avoid future liability. We draft comprehensive buy/sell agreements that anticipate and address future contingencies. We also advise members of a selling group about the best ways to address issues relating to noncompete and nonsolicitation terms, continuing relationships in consultant or management capacities, and the resolution of any conflicts or outstanding obligations.

Sound Advice in Stock or Cash Purchases and Franchise Acquisitions

Our lawyers can help buyers identify and evaluate risks inherent in any business purchase transaction. Our due diligence research can help spot problems related to environmental, employment, tax, pension or personal injury liability on the part of the seller. We can also help resolve issues related to asset valuation, financing, continuity of insurance coverage, and all of the other details involved in the acquisition of a business.

While much of our work related to the purchase or sale of businesses involves privately held entities such as insurance brokerages, professional practices, energy providers, trucking companies, real estate agencies and franchise operations, we can also serve as local counsel to handle the Massachusetts real estate, taxation or regulatory aspects of a larger merger or business sale.

Additionally, Seder & Chandler advises companies about asset liquidation, division sales, purchases arising out of receivership or bankruptcy, and business succession.

Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Our business lawyers will initially conduct a thorough assessment of your legal situation and then determine a creative strategy to pursue. We are skilled at recognizing opportunities to resolve issues or disputes with methods such as alternate dispute resolutions. If necessary, we will use our skills as litigators to pursue a resolution in the courtroom.

Contact Seder & Chandler today for more information about our approach to business purchases, sales and mergers. With offices in Worcester and Westborough, we serve clients throughout central Massachusetts and then entire MetroWest Boston area.