Obtaining Your Business's Liquor License

The process of obtaining a liquor license in Massachusetts is complex and can take many months if not done properly. Whether you are starting a business or would like to expand a business through liquor sales, having the right Massachusetts liquor license lawyer on your side is a must.

The attorneys of Seder & Chandler can consult with you regarding a wide range of liquor licensing and liquor transfer issues, from planning a business with liquor sales to ensuring you get your liquor license in a timely fashion and understand the expenses you will incur.

One of our attorneys, Howard E. Stempler, was once a successful restaurant owner. He understands the challenges restaurants can face when obtaining liquor licenses and can help provide experienced advice to your business. Learn more by contacting us.

A Vital Part Of Your Restaurant Planning Team

As part of your restaurant planning team, we can help you take your restaurant idea from conception to completion. We provide representation to restaurants, taverns, liquor stores, clubs, bars and other liquor establishments, including representation involving:

  • Starting a restaurant or other liquor establishment
  • Obtaining a liquor license
  • Liquor license transfers
  • Liquor license board appeals
  • Defending liquor licenses
  • Protecting your business from dram shop allegations
  • Bringing legal claims against contractors that fail to provide services

The Liquor License Process

In Massachusetts, the liquor control board that oversees liquor licenses and liquor transfers is called the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC). Typically, a restaurant must request a license from its local liquor license authority, and the ABCC will approve or reject the liquor license application. Once approval is granted, a restaurant must pay a liquor license fee.

There are four categories of liquor licenses (all alcoholic, wine only, malt only, and wine and malt), and six different varieties of pouring licenses (including hotel, restaurant, tavern, club, war veterans club and general-on-premises licenses).

While the process may appear to be simple, there are many qualifications a liquor establishment must meet to receive a retail liquor license, and many things that can delay licensing or prevent licensing altogether. This is why it is vital to speak with an attorney with a strong understanding of Massachusetts liquor license law.

Liquor License Cost In Massachusetts

Liquor license prices and fees vary based on the type and duration of the license, as well as the licensing board granting the license. Many municipalities, such as Boston, have reached their citywide limit for liquor licenses. In those municipalities, new liquor businesses must purchase their licenses from other businesses and then request a license transfer.

Learn More About Liquor Licensing In Massachusetts

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