Expanding A Foreign Business Into The U.S.

Logistically, expanding your business into the United States can make sense for many reasons: overcoming barriers to trade, minimizing the distance between manufacturing and distribution facilities, getting closer to valuable human resources. This move is about increasing efficiency, reducing costs and creating a stronger business overall.

The logistics of making this move, however, can be complex. Not only are there legalities that need to be addressed, there may be dramatic differences in the customs surrounding how business is done here. It simply makes sense to enlist an experienced lawyer who understands the local business climate and recognizes the complexity of international trade.

Helping Businesses Worldwide Gain A Foothold In America

At Seder & Chandler, LLP, in Worcester, we have decades of experience helping businesses from all around the world establish themselves in Massachusetts. We have helped businesses from Japan, England, France, Russia, Dubai, Israel and many other countries. This includes businesses involved in oil and gas, manufacturing, technology and many other industries. We can help your business lay the foundation needed to thrive in the United States.

Comprehensive Services For International Businesses

We are committed to providing guidance on all elements of your business's expansion into the U.S. Our experience in the local business community means we can help you reach strategic partnerships. We are connected to a variety of experts who may prove useful, including immigration attorneys who we can team with to address parallel immigration issues.

In addition to having skilled business law attorneys on staff, we also have employment law attorneys who can assist with company policies and even provide training to your employees on laws pertaining to discrimination and more, which may prove critical as these laws can vary dramatically from one country to another. Furthermore, we have real estate lawyers who can help with the purchase or lease of commercial property.

Learn More About How We Can Help With Your Move

For additional information about the business and commercial law services we provide to international businesses in Central Massachusetts and MetroWest Boston, contact a lawyer at Seder & Chandler, LLP, either online or by calling 508-471-3018.