Dissolution of Partnership and Closely Held Corporations — Worcester Business Law Attorneys

Business partnership or closely held corporations often face challenges. It is not uncommon for a partnership or shareholder relationship to deteriorate over time. If this becomes a reality in your organization, turn to our firm to guide you through the process in the most efficient manner possible.

In Massachusetts, when you are facing a dissolution of partnership or disputes among shareholders in a closely held corporation, it is wise to contact the experienced business law firm of Seder & Chandler, LLP, for legal advice and representation. We understand that these matters must be handled with a certain degree of sensitivity and decorum. Our depth of knowledge in business law and our experience guiding clients through even the most complex matters help us to move toward a successful resolution through negotiation, litigation and methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Business Dissolution Lawyers Servicing Westborough and Central Massachusetts

In these situations, we are able to engage the parties in negotiation. Our attorneys are skilled at handling the complexities of dissolution and the sensitivity inherent in negotiations with close friends or family members. It is our goal to help all parties move past the dissolution and get on with their individual lives. We explore all options, including the formation of new business ventures, investigating all contingencies and handling the matter in the most professional, confidential manner possible.

With questions regarding dissolution of partnership or any other aspect of business law, we encourage you to contact a lawyer at Seder & Chandler, LLP, in central Massachusetts and the MetroWest Boston area.