Corporate Law

Developing and Growing Massachusetts Businesses

Seder & Chandler: Skilled Corporate Attorneys

Our corporate practice focuses on the needs of closely held companies and equity ownership groups. We work with family businesses, professional partnerships and small corporations at various stages of development and growth. To learn how the experience of our attorneys can help you avoid and resolve problems within the requirements of Massachusetts corporate law, contact us in Worcester or Westborough.

Our law firm serves the needs of small to mid-sized companies in an ever-evolving business world. We have learned over the years that many issues can be effectively dealt with through the use of detailed organizational and formation documents. These issues include:

  • Departure of an original shareholder or partner
  • Arrival of new equity interests with new capital to invest in the company
  • Growth of the business that requires planning for management and employment on a new scale
  • Cash-flow crises resulting from rough market conditions or credit problems
  • Management succession in family businesses
  • Misinterpretation or violation of noncompete, non-solicitation or confidentiality commitments after the departure of a principal
  • Protection of equity interests upon the sale, merger or windup of a closely held business
  • Corporate governance issues

The corporate lawyers of Seder & Chandler think outside the traditional confines of contract drafting, working proactively to anticipate potential pitfalls and then address them in corporate or partnership agreements. We can also help you resolve problems through mediation or arbitration. Our alternative dispute resolution practice is led by Mel Greenberg, a retired appellate court judge and certified third-party neutral. Robert Adler and Bob Seder also are certified mediators and experienced in resolving complex corporate and commercial disputes.

If alternative methods of dispute resolution do not succeed and a corporate dispute appears headed for court, the trial attorneys of Seder & Chandler can protect and advance your interests in litigation.

Serving Businesses Throughout Worcester and Central Massachusetts

In addition, to counseling business corporations and partnerships, our attorneys also serve the legal needs of a broad array of nonprofit organizations. For additional information about the corporate law practice at Seder & Chandler, contact us today.