Understanding The Automatic Stay

When you file a bankruptcy petition, you get an immediate and nationwide injunction against all collection efforts against you and your property. Called the "automatic stay," it prevents:

  • Actions or attempts to sue you, call you, threaten you or harass you in an effort to collect debt from you.
  • The continuation and prosecution of lawsuits, garnishment proceedings, and supplementary process hearings against you.
  • Real estate foreclosures, property seizures or repossessions, executions, attachments, enforcements of judgments and wage garnishments.

There are exceptions to the automatic stay; it does not prevent the commencement or continuation of suits involving paternity, child support, custody battles or modification of support obligations. The automatic stay also does not prevent tax audits or tax assessments (although it does prevent tax liens), and it will not stop criminal prosecutions. There are also a number of specialized exceptions that may or may not apply to your situation.

If your debts are out of control and you face the threat of repossession, foreclosure, garnishment and collection actions, talk with the bankruptcy attorneys at Seder & Chandler, LLP, today.

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