Qualifications To File Bankruptcy

Many business professionals who feel consumed by large amounts of debts consider options for debt relief. The lawyers at Seder & Chandler have a strong bankruptcy practice and focus on representing business clients and individual clients in resolving debt matters. Our broad range of bankruptcy experience involves Chapter 11 business and commercial bankruptcy.

Qualifying For Personal Or Business Bankruptcy In Massachusetts

The qualifications for filing bankruptcy often overlap. Filing a bankruptcy petition involves many decisions, including whether or not you qualify for a case under the means test.

The issue is determining the right type of bankruptcy so that your business' assets are protected and you are able to obtain a discharge of all debts that you are entitled to discharge. We will resolve any issues that you are faced with by providing you with comprehensive advice about bankruptcy, and we will review the qualifications to file bankruptcy.

A Dynamic Team Of Bankruptcy Attorneys

The lawyers at Seder & Chandler offer dynamic legal advice and have a proven track record handling complex bankruptcy cases. We have worked with business owners whose businesses are failing.

The benefit of working with our skilled team is that we offer sophisticated bankruptcy and business law advice. Our bankruptcy attorneys will focus on the issues you are facing and provide advice about all possible strategies to pursue. Client service is a strong focus at our firm, and we will take the necessary time to explain the benefits of pursuing different options and advise of an appropriate course of action to take.

Our bankruptcy experience will undoubtedly serve as an advantage to your case. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about the legal services we provide, please contact our firm. We represent clients in central Massachusetts and throughout the MetroWest Boston area.