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Alimony important consideration in near-retirement divorce

The dissolution of marriage in Massachusetts is an increasingly common occurrence for individuals approaching their golden years. Research shows that the divorce rate for those 50 years old and older has doubled during the past two and a half decades, and it continues to grow. A couple of tips may help those going through divorce near their retirement years to protect their best interests.

Finances and child custody among important divorce decisions

The process of dissolving a marriage in Massachusetts can be harrowing both emotionally and financially. In the midst of one's emotions, overlooking critical details can be easy. A couple of tips may help those going through the divorce process to cover their bases when it comes to finances and child custody.

Gathering info early on may make divorce less stressful

Dissolving a marriage can be overwhelming, often taking a financial and an emotional toll on those going through the process. Part of the reason for this is that divorce is not predictable. However, information gathering may help with lessening the stress that accompanies the divorce process in Massachusetts.

Spousal support, property division major divorce considerations

Being served divorce papers in Massachusetts can spark feelings of shock followed by panic. Then, one may feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to sort out issues such as spousal support and property division with a future ex-spouse. However, a couple of tips may help with navigating the divorce process in Massachusetts.

Use of Bitcoin to hide money may increase during divorce

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can be tricky no matter how much or little money or other assets a couple has. After all, the act of untangling two financially intertwined lives can be equally painful from one couple to the next. In light of this, in some divorce situations, one of the spouses may consider using Bitcoin or other digital currencies to hide his or her money.

Timing of Massachusetts divorce -- is it seasonal?

Sometimes getting divorced in Massachusetts or elsewhere is inevitable if two spouses cannot reconcile their differences. However, research indicates that the time of the year might play a significant role in a couple's decision to get a divorce. Sociologists recently analyzed filings for divorce in another state and learned that marital breakups peaked consistently after the summer and winter holidays.

Splitting a 401(k) during divorce doesn't have to be difficult

Sometimes marriages in Massachusetts simply do not work out. In these cases, feeling emotionally unstable is natural, and one may also be concerned about the stability of his or her future financial standing. This is particularly true for those getting a divorce near retirement age.

Alimony penalty may have impact on future divorce proceedings

Thanks to lawmakers, those in Massachusetts who are contemplating ending their marriages have a bit more time to decide without facing a financial penalty related to paying alimony. The current tax bill's final version would eliminate the break that divorcees currently enjoy for making alimony payments. However, it will apply only to divorce agreements that are executed in 2019 and beyond. The earlier version of the legislation proposed that this divorce-related penalty take effect in 2018.

Being financially prepared for post-divorce years is paramount

The dissolution of marriage later in life is a causing more individuals to be single during their retirement years. Being single can certainly be an emotionally stressful experience, but it can also be a financially overwhelming one. A couple of tips may help those going through divorce in Massachusetts to protect themselves financially, especially if their golden years are quickly approaching.

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