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Divorce can be emotionally tough for the children

Getting divorced in Massachusetts can understandably be challenging for both parents, but it can also be emotionally challenging for the children involved. This is particularly true when the two parents have a hard time finding common ground in the area of child custody during their divorce. New research shows that even though children may have a hard time adjusting to the split-up of their parents, pediatricians can play a role in helping them through this process.

According to the research, pediatricians can assist parents in understanding how their children react to a divorce. The children's reactions can vary depending on their stages of development and their ages. In light of this, it is beneficial for parents to try to answer their children's questions in as honest a way as possible.

Divorce mediation offers multiple benefits

Through mediation, a couple who is going through a divorce can attempt to resolve issues involving matters such as debt, property division and child support. Other issues that can be solved through this process, which is professionally guided, include the payment of college expenses, health insurance and alimony. Mediation offers several benefits when compared to divorce litigation in Massachusetts.

One of the benefits of divorce mediation is that lower legal costs are typically associated with it. The process can also be less stressful than litigation. In addition, it is faster, and the outcome may include solutions that are more acceptable to the parties for addressing their financial and practical needs.

Splitting retirement assets major part of divorce proceeding

The emotional toll of dissolving a marriage in Massachusetts can be difficult to manage. However, the financial issues that come with getting a divorce can also be challenging to address. When two people get divorced, retirement plan assets may need to be divided, which can pose tax-related problems if not executed properly.

If one person is transferring funds from his or her IRA to the other spouse's IRA, this has to be done properly to prevent penalties from being assessed. In addition, certain plans such as a 401(k) require the use of a qualified domestic relations order, or QDRO, for dividing the assets. Other qualified plans requiring the use of a QDRO include a pension plan and defined benefit plan.

Child custody issues may crop up during holidays

When Massachusetts parents begin planning for the holidays following a divorce, they usually avoid having to deal with issues such as visitation schedules until the last minute. Unfortunately, this can make their holidays more stressful than they already are. A few tips may help individuals to effectively deal with issues related to child custody during the holidays.

First, after getting divorced, it is a good idea to review the settlement agreement and/or court order to become familiar with the times and dates that both parents are typically scheduled to have the children. However, it is worth noting that holiday visitation may override a couple's regular schedules from one year to the next. For this reason, it makes sense to be proactive and -- when possible -- to speak with an ex about the current year's holiday schedule ahead of time.

Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements can address assets, debt

When people in Massachusetts think about a prenup or postnup, they may immediately think about celebrities and the messy divorces they experience. In reality, a difficult divorce can happen to a person at any income level. It makes good sense for couples to get prenuptial agreements before saying their vows, or post\-nuptial agreements after I Dos have already been exchanged.

Prenuptial agreements are drafted before people get married, while post-nuptial agreements are created after the wedding. The benefit of these types of agreements is that they allow two individuals to discuss early on how they will handle certain assets and liabilities in the event of a subsequent divorce. Examples of assets that should be addressed are property that one party brings into the marital union, as well as assets that both parties end up acquiring together.

Being uncivil a mistake during divorce proceeding

The process of dissolving a marriage is typically difficult, emotionally and financially. However, people in Massachusetts and other states sometimes make divorce more difficult than it has to be. One way they do this is by fostering an atmosphere that embraces and actually encourages conflict.

Maintaining some maturity during the divorce process can seem impossible, but there is no reason to strike a future ex-spouse below the belt by insulting comments. It is also beneficial to avoid overly dramatic arguments. Engaging in these behaviors can quickly cause a divorce proceeding to become ugly and ridden with jealousy and fear.

Commercial real estate eyed as strong area for investment

With the recent turmoil in the stock market following the election of Donald Trump, many investors throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts, have been analyzing their investment strategies to determine the best routes to take. One area that has garnered increasing attention is commercial real estate -- specifically private-equity real estate. This is considered a goal-seeking investment.

Historically, stock markets have been susceptible to huge events, so they are not completely reliable. Likewise, bonds move in the direction that stocks do when the market moves up and down. It is for this reason that bonds are not as attractive today as they were in the past.

Intellectual property dispute involves Kohl's

The individual who created the television series called Mucha Lucha recently filed a legal suit against the department store Kohl's, alleging copyright infringement. Kohl's, which has a presence in Massachusetts and other states, is the second-biggest chain of department stores in the US, with its revenues exceeding $19 billion. The plaintiff, Lili Chin, in the intellectual property dispute claimed that the copyright infringement involved designs on socks and T-shirts that Kohl's promotes.

Chin is an illustrator and animation artist. She registered her illustrations with the nation's copyright office back in 2013. The illustrations featured a dog named Boogie, which were based on the artist's own dog.

Divorce mediation offers multiple benefits

The process of ending a marriage can be stressful from an emotional standpoint as well as a financial one. However, divorce mediation is ideal for those who prefer an alternative to divorce litigation. Mediation offers many benefits in Massachusetts.

Mediation enables people to accomplish family law-related solutions tailored to their circumstances. Two divorcing parties can simply communicate with each other in an honest manner with an attorney's guidance. In this way, they can address their disputes in a way that is more agreeable, economic and productive.

Prenuptial agreements can protect intellectual ideas

Millennials in Massachusetts and elsewhere place more value on experiences than they do on possessions. In the same way, the latest trend shows that when it comes to prenuptial agreements, millennials place just as much value on their ideas that they do on their money. More millennials are seeking to protect their intellectual property in the event of a future divorce, as they realize that divorce rates today are higher than they have been in decades past.

Examples of intellectual property that millennials are interested in safeguarding through prenups are screenplays, songs and films. They are also including apps and software in these marital contracts, which spell out what will happen if the parties get divorced. Even ideas about technology concepts that have not yet been executed can be included in a prenup, as can real estate.

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